Handmade oboe reeds and gouged cane

As a young oboist, reeds were very elusive to me. Finding a reliable source involved buying reeds from many different makers, and I was amazed at how different they all felt from each other! Through PNW Reeds, I hope to provide reeds to suit each customer's needs. In a time when many students do not have access to reed help from their teachers in lessons, I aim to deliver reeds with easy response and gathered tone that students can play comfortably right away.

Whether you are just learning how to tie reeds or have been making reeds for years, I offer cane bundles for your level of expertise. I select my cane based on the criteria of straightness of the bark, roundness of diameter, and cane quality for the best chance of tying reeds with tight sides. Students learning how to shape cane and tie blanks can purchase "practice cane", or those without their own shaper tips can purchase shaped cane. I use an Innoledy gouger and a Mack+ shaper tip.

I also offer monthly reed subscriptions! Reed accidents happen, and it's best to stay prepared. By signing up, you can have newly finished reeds delivered monthly, allowing your healthy stockpile to build slowly. Cancel at any time.

My reeds are made in Seattle, WA - at an elevation of about 200 feet above sea level and with a medium-high year round humidity - and can be adjusted for other climates.

©2021 by Jamie Sanidad